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ballot for green :: andrade jorge carrera

by on June 7, 2016

translated by muna lee

Sea-green, admiral of the greens,
Earth-green, comrade of fieldhands
Everybody’s multitudinous anticipation of delight,
Infinite heaven of cattle browsing eternities of freshness.

Subaqueous light of the woodland
Where plants, bird and insects squander their lives
In the warm love of a green god.
Green smell of the thick-fleshed agave
Brewing in its vegetable cauldron
A dusky liquor blent of rainfall and shade.

Tropical table-land where sweats the green crest
Of the pineapple’s tattooed head.
Hunchbacked green bushes,
Poor relations of the hills.
Green music of insects ceaselessly sewing
Thick cloth of the herbage,
The mosquitoes that live in violins,
The roll of the frog’s opaque little green drums.
Green rage of the cactus,
And patience of trees gathering up in their green net
A miraculous haul of birds.

All the appeasing green of the world
Drowning itself in the sea, scaling the mountains up to the sky,
And coursing in the river-nudity’s school
And in the nostalgic cow of the wind


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