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picture of a girl drawn in black and white :: diane wakoski

by on March 9, 2017

A girl sits in a black room.
She is so fair
the plums have fallen off the trees outside.
Icy winds blow geese
into her hair.
The room is black
but geese are wandering there,
breaking into her mind
and closing the room off
into its own black secret.
She is not alone, for there is the sound
of a hundred flapping wings,
and from fruit rotting in the dark earth
the smell of passing time.

A girl sits in an unreal room
combing her unreal hair.
The flapping wings of geese have
broken plums
from the trees outside,
and the wind has frozen them all
to keep the girl in the black room
there, combing her
unreal wintry hair.

A girl sits in a picture
with the background painted solid black
and combs her hair.
She is so fair the wind has broken plums and scattered geese.
Winter has come.
The sound of flapping wings is so loud I hear
but most only stare out of the picture
and continue combing my black
unreal hair.


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