improvisation :: susanna lang

             Bring me all your
             Heart melodies
             —Langston Hughes

Bring me the songs that stretch out like yarn
the cat has played with, songs like snow
ghosting behind commuter trains coming
into the city; bring me the old stories, some

boys changed into flowers and others hung
from the trees; bring me the silver rain, broken
machines, lost keys, dead dogs, ice on the road;
the moment when streetlamps light in the evening

and the moment when they become invisible.
Bring me the arguments about who knows what
and the ones where everyone knows; bring
your intimacy with rivers, your trumpet, honey

mixed with liquid fire; bring your arm upraised
to grasp justice like a brass ring while music turns
the carrousel. Bring me chords that open a box of silence
and the ones that reach into the jazzy city night.