against chronology :: natasha sajé

without Agnus Dei
within air conditioning
via antigens
unlike Beethoven
until carbon dating
under a dynamo
toward the Eocene epoch
to the Flintstones
till the flood
through Freud
since the graviton
regarding gunpowder
per Gutenberg
past homophobia
outside internal combustion
on top of the Ku Klux Klan
onto the court of Louis XIV
on Medicare
off the middle class
next to the New Age
minus the old masters
like Marco Polo
into Qatar
instead of Roundup
in front of the silkworm
from the Song of Songs
for the Spanish Armada
except sulfides
during the titanium age
down with the Union Jack
by the Vikings
between da Vinci and the Young Pretender
below the Well of Loneliness
behind Westinghouse
atop womankind
at Woolworth’s
around the Wreck of the Deutschland
among xenophobes
along the Y chromosome
after Yankee Doodle
about the Zeitgeist
aboard the zephyr of time