as my life is a dream :: chungmi kim

I painted a phoenix in bright colors
cut it in nine pieces and cooked it
in a pot at the mountaintop.
I stirred it as if cranking reels of
a movie. Unraveled were a series
of faces in mosaic.

Kurosawa appeared. He asked me
what my story was about.
Tongue-tied, I could not answer.
He handed me a token with a silvery
eagle engraved, ready to fly.

How real I thought everything was
in my dream!

In my waking hour, I see
the remnant of the war between
my head and heart.

Now in cease-fire, my chest is filled
with the fresh breeze of serenity.
I begin to breathe gently as my story
is unraveled like in a movie.

No longer haunted, my love of God soars
as I see my guardian angel smile
in the clear blue sky, transforming to
one gigantic phoenix.

My wandering in the wilderness of
the mind has taught me a little wisdom.
I believe my dreams are real
as my life is a dream.

consolation :: chungmi kim

I emptied my brain
laid out
and baked in the Hawaiian sun.

Drenched in sweat
hypnotized by the sound of waves
and the winds
I knew where I stood
for the first time in years.

I threw the sordid words in the ocean
letting them drift away
to be eaten up by fish.

The fattened fish will return
in my dream to build
a seven story paradise where

all my people will have a feast
so unforgettable–
Even the frogs will learn
to laugh at a picnic.

Then I will pass by
the open doors of certain names
with a radiant smile

not cursing
but blessing them all
genuinely like a goddess.

who owns the room? :: chungmi kim

The winds bustled about
for the winter carnival.

I washed my garments
by hand
for the summer to come.

I called a friend to play
the tune of autumn sonata.
She said I was only

On pages
I tried to contain the mysteries
of many lives I’ve cared about
and five ants crawled
making a map of Zen.

In the night
a shadow lingered
like a demon that embraced
nothing of life.

In forlorn hope
I stood
who owns the room.

allow me :: chungmi kim

If I must worry about how
I will live in my old age
without wealth
I would be without health now
and how can I live to be

If I must worry about how
I will live in my old age
without love
I would be without dreams now
and how can I go on living
another day?

Allow me to sit in the sun
and listen to the sky.
I will love you gently.

Allow me to stay in my room
and weave my rainbows.
I will love you truly.

Like a colt in the meadow
with no boundary
allow me

to wander around

till I hear the autumn
strolling by my door.

I will be waiting
to be with you