color bleeding :: evie shockley

one year, i carried the blues around
like a baby. sure, my coffee mugs cupped

amethysts :: water gushed, rose-tinted
and -scented, from the faucets at my touch ::
the air orange with butterflies that never

left me. meanwhile, indigo held fast
to my toes :: lapis lapped my fingertips ::

and a hue the shade of mermaid scales
bolted through my hair like lightning.

my eyelids drooped, fell, heavy with sky.
that year i carried the blues around

left me mean :: while indigo held fast,
the daily news tattooed azure to my back.
true, festivals of lilies buoyed me. but what

good could white do? the blues grow like
shadows in late sun :: stretch creep run.

on new year’s eve :: evie shockley

      we make midnight a maquette of the year:
frostlight glinting off snow to solemnize
      the vows we offer to ourselves in near
silence: the competition shimmerwise

      of champagne and chandeliers to attract
laughter and cheers: the glow from the fireplace
      reflecting the burning intra-red pact
between beloveds: we cosset the space

      of a fey hour, anxious gods molding our
hoped-for adams with this temporal clay:
      each of us edacious for shining or
rash enough to think sacrifice will stay

      this fugacious time: while stillness suspends
vitality in balance, as passions
      struggle with passions for sway, the mind wends
towards what’s to come: a callithump of fashions,

      ersatz smiles, crowded days: a bloodless cut
that severs soul from bone: a long aching
      quiet in which we will hear nothing but
the clean crack of our promises breaking.