red, red bra :: hal sirowitz

I bought a red bra, she said.
I knew you’d like it.
The only problem was I didn’t
have a red blouse to wear with it.
I bought that & red pants
& shoes, so it wouldn’t stand out
so much. I also thought of getting
red panties. But I said to hell with that.
I’m not going to worry if one small part
of the outfit doesn’t match. And who’s
going to see my underwear? Just you.
what do you know about fashion? Nothing.

choice of diseases :: hal sirowitz

Now that I’m sick & have
all this time to contemplate
the meaning of the universe,
Father said, I understand why
I never did it before. Nothing
looks good from a prone position.
You have to walk around to appreciate
things. Once I get better I don’t
intend to get sick for a while. But
if I do I hope I get one of those diseases
you can walk around with.

believing in fate :: hal sirowitz

I don’t have a telephone, she said,
so I can’t give you a number.
I’m not a great fan of planned dates.
But if I happen to bump into you
on the street I’d be willing to go for coffee.
Let’s leave it to chance. It brought
us together once. It could work a second time.
You could help fate along by hanging out
in Chelsea. That’s where I live. If I
gave you any more information I’d be cheating.

lending out books :: hal sirowitz

You’re always giving, my therapist said.
You have to learn how to take. Whenever
you meet a woman, the first thing you do
is lend her your books. You think she’ll
have to see you again in order to return them.
But what happens is, she doesn’t have the time
to read them, & she’s afraid if she sees you again
you’ll expect her to talk about them, & will
want to lend her even more. So she
cancels the date. You end up losing
a lot of books. You should borrow hers.